Seaboard Region USY

Today is May 27, 2018 -

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Office: 2200 Baltimore Road, Rockville, MD 20851

Religion/Education VP

 Hi Seaboard! My name is Gabi Shapo and I am THRILLED to serve you as your 2017-2018 Religion/Education Vice President! This year, my ultimate goal is to bring every member of Seaboard USY and Kadima closer to our community and religion (and to have fun while doing so!), both inside and outside of convention. I understand that since we are all coming from different backgrounds and levels of observance at home, we must establish programs, materials, and  prayer services that will help each one of us on our own personal journey of developing our Jewish identity.

I want to hear what YOU have to say, and I LOVE making new friends, so please don’t hesitate to come over and talk to me about any questions, comments, suggestions, or even just to say hey! If you’d like to chat while we aren’t at a convention, I’m always here by email as well! I look forward to having a blast with you and the rest of the region while strengthening our connection to the religion that’s connected us together for thousands of years.


And now, some fun facts about me:

  • Email:
  • Chapter: CuBsEy (Congregation Beth Emeth)
  • When you don’t see me at a USY event, you can probably find me: volunteering on a political campaign, writing to-do lists in my planner, or hanging out with the Shapo fam!
  • Favorite quote:  “You are as great as the cause you serve, and as young as your dreams” -Shimon Peres
  • Something I’m amazing at: Getting injured (I have sooo many stories)
  • Alive things in my house: My parents, four younger siblings, two cats, two fish, my pet rock, and me!
  • Places I used to live: Ann Arbor, Michigan (GO BLUE!!)
  • Favorite sloach song: Meheira Hashem
  • Favorite food: muffins!! (OMG I’m already getting excited just thinking about them)
  • Favorite muffin: Lemon poppyseed!! (WE ARE AUTOMATICALLY BESTIES IF YOU BRING ME ONE)
  • Things I love: USY, hiking on forest trails, deep conversations, writing with sidewalk chalk, and anything having to do with music!