Executive Israel Affairs VP

שלום, Hi! My name is James Stluka and I am SOOOO thrilled to serve as your Israel Affairs Vice President for 2018-19! I love Israel and Israeli culture, I probably spend way too much time listening to Israeli music. I think learning about Israel Israeli cool, and I think that we will have Eilat of fun! Go listen to Shira B’Seaboard on Spotify!

  • Full Name: James Aaron Stluka
  • Birthday: March 30
  • Chapter: CuBsEy (Congregation Beth Emeth)
  • Email: ia.seaboard@gmail.com
  • Instagram: jstluk16
  • Favorite Ruach song: Baruch Hagever
  • Favorite Sloach song: M’heira Hashem
  • Only Starbucks Order: Hot Chocolate (Venti or Grande)