Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m your 2020-2021 Regional President! I can’t wait to see Seaboard bloom and get to know each and everyone of you this year!!

I love making new friends, so please don’t hesitate to come up to me at conventions or reach out to me over social media or email!







  • Full Name: Sarah Isabel Hasson
  • Chapter: Olam Tikvah USY
  • Email:
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Favorite Sloach Song: Al Kol Eileh or Beshem Hashem
  • Current Favorite Movie: Emma
  • Favorite Foods: Mac and Cheese or Green Curry from Sisters Thai
  • I love personality tests! 
    • Zodiac: Capricorn Sun, Libra Moon
    • Myers Briggs: ENFP
    • Avatar Last AirBender Element: Water
  • Starbucks order: Chai Tea Iced Latte with Almond Milk 

Where you can find me!

  • Instagram: @teenyteapoon
  • Snapchat: @teeny.teaspoon